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Fashion Notes: 'Fishnets and Confidence' Are Key to Capturing the Dezi 5 Look

Escrito por marieporm el 11/01/2017
“Avant-garde. Superhero. Grace Jones-esque. Go-Go. Fishnets,” is the way Dezman Lehman, aka Dezi 5, describes his own style. “My style is my mood, my feeling.”

The singer’s music is a mix of dance, pop and R&B. It’s an eclecticism that he brings to his now infamous stage performances and by extension to the outfits he wears during them. “My music is a conundrum of styles and so is my fashion,” he says. “I have always believed that you must stand out in a room [and be] different from the rest.”

Lehman gathers fashion inspiration from both haute couture and other musicians known for their unique style such as Elton John, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones and Lady Gaga. “When I go out I am always on stage so I must make sure that I don’t look like everybody else,” Lehman says. “I learned that from watching Chanel documentaries.”

Lehman’s everyday look is fairly close to how he formal dresses uk for the stage. While he might opt to pair his signature riding boots with tights for a show, he wears riding boots with jeans almost daily. “The key to my fashion is the riding boots,” Lehman says. “In the 1800s men wore riding boots all the time. I feel like they command attention and respect.”

Lehman doesn’t have a stylist. He puts together his own outfits, although he does take advice from his cousin, designer Latoshia Mitchell. He mostly shops online and in thrift stores but he’s also worked with local designers such as Nicolas J. Moore, Andre Terry of IMT Designs and Kendall Falcon of Clan of Cro for some stage creations.

“I look for pizazz and odd styles that capture the eyes,” he says of his process.

So what are the most essential elements for accurately capturing the Dezi 5 look?

“Fishnets and confidence,” he says.

While we can’t tell you where to get the confidence, we might be able to offer assistance in the clothing department. Check out our shopping guide below so you can start turning heads just like Dezi 5.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start off a Dezi 5 inspired look with a pair of boots. These real riding boots by Tuff Rider aren’t cheap at $189.95, but they will complete every statement outfit.

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