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Most laser pointers are barely visible

Escrito por michale el 10/11/2016
Green laser pointers project a beam at a 532nm wavelength and generally have no greater output than the red laser pointers. Yet they are still very popular. Why? Because the human eye perceives the wavelength region around 532nm green laser pointer much better than the region around 630nm (red laser pointers).

If you make a blinding weapon use high power red, green and blue laser pointer so if someone wears goggles to protect from one colour it won't save them from the other two.I don't think the comparison of a high-power laser with a gun is a very good one.With a laser, you can be carefully pointing it away from yourself and everyone you care about, and still accidentally catch a reflection long enough to damage your vision. On top of that, no matter what you tell them, many people have NO respect for the danger of using a laser.

Think about the last time your friends played with a laser pointer around you. How long did it take for it take them to point it at your face? Inspired by the need to use certain objects through the use of specialized transmission highlight Laser pointer for different applications. Most laser pointers are barely visible unless seen through the generated Rayleigh scattering of light, moderate conditions.

Two-wavelength lasers include monolithic types and hybrid types. Sony developed and introduced the world's first commercial monolithic two-wavelength Red Laser Pointer diode, and used it in its PlayStation 2 home video game console and DVD players.Compared to hybrid types that house two LD chips in a single package, monolithic types have fewer components, are easier to assemble, can achieve an emission point interval accuracy of ±1 µm or less, and help to enhance optical performance.

Some very good basic information about laser diodes is provided in of all places, manufacturer's catalogs! Try companies like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Sharp, Sony, NEC, etc. They have introductory sections at the front or the back of their laser diode catalogs. Just call the and ask for a laser diode catalog.These are features unique to monolithic two-wavelength lasers.

Common visible red laser diodes, diode laser modules, and Laser Engraver produce 1000 to 1200 mW at various wavelengths between 670 and 635 nm. When collimated (as in the case of a module with internal optics or a laser pointer) the entire beam can enter the eye and burn holes in the retina. Note that light at 635 nm appears more than 5 times as intense as light at 670 nm.

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