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Play kancolle also ranked on its opening day last Wednesday

Escrito por zingbox el 10/01/2017
Play kancolle also ranked #1 on its opening day last Wednesday, having sold 130,000 tickets to earn 100 million yen (about US$859,000). From the film's Wednesday premiere to Sunday, the film has sold 1. The magazine will also bundle a 68-page visual book supplement on the franchise. The series will feature a new protagonist, Y?saku Fujiki.The event also ended with several other announcements. The February issue of Kadokawa's COMPTIQ magazine will give the franchise its first cover (pictured below) and the lead feature with an interview with Aoi Y?ki(Sadone) and other content. A new Hollywood film titled Rings is in production, and it will open on February 3 after several delays. The last time a Japanese film topped the box office in South Korea was when Play kancolle's Howl's Moving Castle film premiered in 2004.

The Higanjima franchise includes three manga series, two live-action films, and two live-action drama series." Monsters of legend walk among us, going by the name “demi-humans. The story of the Play kancolle manga follows a man named Akira, who is in the midst of the final battle between the human race and vampires.The Ring horror film franchise is based on Koji Suzuki's novel of the same name. 837,556 of those tickets were sold during the weekend.The school action role-playing game is set in the year 2045. The second live-action film titled Higanjima Deluxe opened in Japan on October 15.

Play kancolle released the manga's first volume in English in November, and will release the second volume on January 17. Kayako" crossover film.The latest film in the Ju-on series, Ju-on: The Final, opened in Japan in June 2015. The staff plans to implement a new main story in the game in February. The film brings together the iconic horror film characters Sadako from Kadokawa's Ring franchise and Kayako from NBCUniversal's Ju-on franchise. Play it now, click here http://kancolle.gogames.me/

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