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We might not be heading Golden Goose

El 05/09/2017  —  We might not be heading back in time to the roaring 20s but were sure excited to check out the classic beauty looks the film will be http://www.goldengoosesale.com/ bringing to life. In case you decide to have your own little Gatsby party, we consulted some top makeup artists and hairstylists to get the skinny on how to rock that 20s style. The vintage theme translated into accessories...  Continuar leyendo

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      scarpemelang dijo el 05/09/2017

      Ralph LaurenThe reigning king of prep went Art Deco for fall with his sophisticated eastern-influenced collection. I’ve been Golden Goose Sneakers Sale waiting for the Boardwalk Empire influence this season and it could not have come from a more surprising show. It may not have been drop-waisted gowns and three-piece suits, but the 20s deco influence was inherent in everything from the beauty look to the shoes at Ralph Lauren.

      Applying makeup on public transportation has long been a point of contention amongst women. Some abhor it; others think it’s an excellent use of time. As the weather gets colder, most of us would do just about anything for a few minutes in a warm and cozy bed, even Golden Gooseif that means applying makeup on the go. Here are a few www.goldengoosesale.com tips to make applying your makeup on the subway easier, and more hygienic.

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